Library Renovation Update

September 2015

The Library has completed Phase 1 of our Library Expansion and Renovation Project, with our move back into the renovated Library on July 2014.  During the construction phase it was decided it would be financially beneficial to telescope the three phased plan into two phases.  As a result much of the original Phase 2 plan has been completed.  A complete breakdown of the process can be see here:  Library_Phase_II.pdf.

For Phase 2 to begin we will need to undertake a fundraising campaign.  If you would like to contribute to this important project please visit our home page and click on the DONATE button.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

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The Library renovation is well underway!


Renovation Update

As most of you know by now, the Library is in the midst of planning  and executing a significant renovation.  While we love the look and feel of our 1840's great room and its subsequent additions, we simply have run out of room for the staff, for the books, and the myriad of activities that are expected of a modern library.  The last significant change to the Library was the addition of the children's room in 1976 , thirty seven years ago! 

To address these issues we held a series of meetings in the fall of 2011 and established the following set of prioritized needs:

Highest Priority:      Public ADA Bathroom, Improved Administrative Offices

High Priority:           Improved Entry from the parking lot, Front Desk Space, Meeting Space, Computer Use Space

Medium Priority:     Increased Stack Space (both fiction and non-fiction), Young Adult Space

The Rest:                 Reading Room, Children’s Room, Parking, Storage

We considered several approaches that would meet these needs, and realized that the successful approaches utilized modest additions to the first floor on the north (parking lot) side of the building, combined with a usable second story in that area of the building.  In this way we do not change any part of the original historic structure.  We also divided the effort into three Phases to spread out the costs while still allowing us to make significant improvements at each Phase.

In September 2012 we hired architect Tor Glendinning of 44 Degrees North to develop this concept into a completed design.  Last month he delivered the final designs for Phase One. These designs were accepted by the Trustees, and he is now developing the construction drawings necessary to put the work out to bid (sometime this summer). 

On the first floor, the design provides an ADA compliant bathroom, a suitable director's office, a greatly enlarged and improved circulation desk, and space for a future young adult room.  The stacks will now be ADA compliant (more room between the shelves), and the entrance from the parking lot much more welcoming (and protected from the weather).  Upstairs will be additional stack space, a community meeting room, additional offices and space for the Library staff.  Further details may be seen in the power point presentation on the Library web site under "About the Library". 

We have made great progress, but much remains to be done.  This spring, in addition to completing the construction drawings and assembling the bid package, we also need to prepare transition plans to allow the Library to function (as best it can) during the construction. We hope to award the construction contract late this summer and begin work this fall.  In the meantime we will keep you informed as our plans progress. 

Finally we estimate last year's capital campaign will provide for the bulk of the Phase One costs, but we also anticipate that we will need additional funding as we proceed; don't hesitate to contribute!

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